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Technical Training

Target groups: Sales, technicians and service


Program / flow:

Arrival in the evening before Day 1

DAY 1 in Rodgau

  • Lighting portfolio (luminaire types and their properties)
  • To used luminaires
  • To used Electronics
  • Insight into the Wireless Professional System
  • Live - Demonstration of Wireless Professional Systems


DAY 2 to 4 in Saalfeld

  • Presentation of the portfolio for plant technology (device types and their properties)
  • To use which electronics / optional module in which systems
  • LCD menu navigation and web interface
  • Functioning of the systems or modules
  • Live - Demonstration of systems and functions
  • Presentation of the various calculation and calculation tools for systems +
  • "a hands-on", practical installation and programming examples of modules or luminaire electronics


Christian Starker, RP-Technik GmbH in Rodgau
Frank Jung, Heiko Oefner, RP-Technik GmbH in Saalfeld



12.09.- 14.09.2018
14.11.- 16.11.2018



Day 1 at RP-Technik GmbH, Hermann-Staudinger-Straße 10-16, 63110 Rodgau
Day 2+3 at RP-Technik GmbH, Mittlerer Watzenbach 3, 07318 Saalfeld



Heike Petit * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. * +49 6106 66028-64