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A-Series wall mounted

A-Series wall mounted

German Design Award 2018The A-series is a complete product line of high quality exit signs with metal housing for surface or recessed mounting. The entire series has been designed in the same style and can be perfectly integrated into any environment. The A-series is characterized by sober, clear lines and is only noticeable when it comes to the worst.  The installation of the zinc die-cast luminaires is simple. All clamps and screw connections are easily accessible at all times. No screw connections are visible from the outside on mounted luminaires.

All luminaires of the A series are available in 2 sizes. The AM offers a detection range of 20m, while the larger AX has a detection range of 30m. The uniform illumination of the pictogram is ensured by a dot matrix grid printed on the screen. The type of mounting of the luminaire is indicated by the 2nd and, if appropriate, the third letter of the order number. The following options are available: wall mounting (W), ceiling mounting (D), recessed wall mounting (R), recessed ceiling mounting (C), ceiling mounted with cable suspension (DC), recessed ceiling mounted with cable suspension (CC), ceiling mounted with pendant fitting (DP), recessed ceiling mounted with pendant fitting (CP) and wall mounting with duo technology (WT).

The luminaires with duo technology offer a light output downwards by means of an additional LED on the electronics housing. These luminaires are therefore perfect for illuminating the area of doors and passages. In normal operation, the pictogram is illuminated using conventional high power LEDs. In emergency operation, an automatic switchover to the integrated ERT LED is performed to illuminate the escape route and the pictogram.

All A-series luminaires are available as standard in white or anthracite.

The LED exit signs are built according to DIN EN 60598-1,
DIN EN 60598-2-22, DIN EN 7010 and DIN EN 1838.



  • Zinc Die cast housing
  • white (-W) or high-grade steel (-E) coated
  • 20m (AM) or 30m (AX) viewing distance
  • complete set of pictographs (ISO 7010)
  • IP20
  • LED illuminant
  • Wall- or ceiling mounting
  • -5° to +35°C





 A-Serie Wandmontage

A-Serie Einbaumontage



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