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MDC- central battery system with continuous/maintained group switching

Central battery system

The MDC is an evolution of the MultiControl - series and has the characteristics of a central power supply system with no capacity limitation (CBS) according to EN 50171 or DIN VDE 0100-718 and DIN EN 50172 The electronic structure is based on the components of the MultiControl, such as the emergency light unit type NLSR with integrated web interface including visualization software and a 5-year memory for test results and operating parameters, the charging modules type LDM25, at least one relay interface module type IO module and the RS-modules for switching the connected contactor groups, which can be programmed in either continuous light (DS) or maintained light circuit (BS).

Each contactor group (DS / BS), multiple switches (ds) or closed-circuit grinding (mb) can be assigned to over the SAM08 module and the mains monitoring module MC-LM connected to the RS485 MultiBus. With the contactor groups connected circuit breakers (universal current) or circuit elements (NEOZED D01/D02) for the protection of final circuits with voltage in the mains and battery operation (230 VAC/216 VDC) are supplied. The MDC has a self-calibrating monitoring for the total current which evaluates and reports deviances in the percentage
(5%, 10%, 20% and 50%) of the battery - discharge. In addition, at an MDC - main station - up to 32 MDC-substations can be connected via an Ethernet network connection and will be monitored
and via RS422 bus. The configuration of the system can also be done via Ethernet.

The MDC allows the connection of LED lamps, fluorescent lamps or low-voltage halogen lamps.

Technical specifications:
Body: steel-sheet gray, RAL 7035
Protection category: IP20
Insulatiokn class: I
Dimensions: see Product datasheet, all dimensions in mm
Cable entry: from top
Mains connection: 3 x 230V 50Hz
Battery: Maintenance-free, closed lead acid cell OGiV, OGi, OPzS or low-maintenance NiCd bateries
Output voltage: 216V
Permissible Ambient Temperature: 0°C to 35°C


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